Painting and Coating

In our endeavor to offer comprehensive solutions from a single source, we place great emphasis on the quality and variety of our in-house paint shop.

Through continuous investments in technology and expertise, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality painting for a wide range of products, including vehicle parts, water tanks, building extensions, and art objects.

Our paint shop is capable of processing a variety of materials, including plastics, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. This allows us to realize a broad spectrum of projects, from industrial applications to fine artworks. For special applications like our recycling containers, we use a special primer that is not only corrosion-resistant but also contains rust inhibitors to ensure long-term durability and resistance to environmental influences.

We are proud to offer an extensive selection of industrial paints, including those of automotive quality. Thanks to this diversity, nearly all color requests can be fulfilled. Our paints are UV-resistant and are coated with a clear lacquer to provide an additional protective layer against weathering. The painting not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the products through versatile design possibilities but also increases their impact and scratch resistance, significantly enhancing the longevity and value of the painted objects.

The benefits of professional painting are manifold: from improving the visual appearance to protecting against environmental influences and wear. Our goal is to maximize the value and functionality of your products through our expertise in painting.

We invite you to contact us with any questions or requests regarding the painting of your projects. Our team is ready to work with you to develop the optimal solutions and turn your ideas into reality.

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