Customized Products

The adaptability of fiberglass allows us to create pieces with virtually no size or design limitations.

Battery Box
Carwash entry system
Operating room lamp
Control panel base
Custom fiberglass car body

The hand lay-up lamination process is particularly suitable for prototypes and special productions in small quantities. However, the process is also suitable for higher quantities and special geometric requirements, for example for undercuts, as multi-part molds can be used. We process both polyester resin and epoxy resin. Polyester resin is more cost-effective and is suitable for the requirements of most components, for example self-supporting structures and trim parts. If the specifications are more complex, epoxy resin is used.

If a larger series or a smooth back side is required, other plastic processing methods are suitable, for example the resin transfer molding process.

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the appropriate manufacturing process.

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