Each individual company of the C.F. Maier Group has their particular focus as well as their core competence, and each company works independently.

As a member of this company group, we are able to offer a substantial amount knowledge and experience in our industry. Our customers benefit from the resources of a large corporation in a small business setting.

C.F. Maier Composites, Inc.

500 East Crystal Street
Lamar, CO 81052

Located in rural southeastern Colorado, our main production facility has over 85,000 ft. of production floor. They have the capacity for mid-volume production and are equipped with a CNC cutting machine, professional paint booth, along with a carpenter and a metal workshop.

Building of C.F. Maier Composites Main Production in Lamar, CO

C.F. Maier Europlast GmbH & Co KG
Administrative Office

Wiesenstraße 43
89551 Königsbronn

The headquarters of the company group is responsible for accounting, IT, personnel management and plant and fleet maintenance for the locations in Europe, Asia and Africa.


Building of C.F. Maier Europlast Administrative Office in Königsbronn, Germany

C.F. Maier Europlast Production Facility

This company is responsible for designing new plastic products and handling most of the sales for other locations.

C.F. Maier Kunstharzwerk Production Facility

For about 40 years the company has specialized in the processing of glass-fiber reinforced polyester resins into components for the utility-vehicle industry, heavy equipment for construction, as well as other industries. The production of toilets for coaches is another important line of business. The following production processes are used: wet pressing, SMC (sheet molded compounds), RTM (resin transfer moldings).

C.F. Maier Polymertechnik Production Facility

This plant manufactures components of polyurethane foam and vacuum formed thermoplastics for the commercial and sport-utility vehicle industry, medical equipment industry, optical industry as well as vendor machines.

C.F. Maier Turkey Production Facility

With its almost 10,000 sq. meters, this plant produces fiberglass materials using the processes SMC, RTM, wet pressing and manual laminating. These components are determined for commercial vehicles and wet units for coaches for the most part for the Turkish market.

C.F. Maier Hungary Production Facility

The company specializes on the processing of glass-fiber reinforced polyester resins by vacuum-expansion process for large-sized, preferably insulated body panels for vehicles, particularly camper vans. The RTM and manual lamination process are also used. In 2005 the production area doubled to more than 7,000 sq. meters.

C.F. Maier Tunisia Production Facility

In our Tunisian production facility of almost 10,000 sq. meters, glass-fiber reinforced polyester components for utility vehicles, construction machines, sewage water treatment plant coverings and recycling bins are produced by manual lamination process. Other methods that are applied are the VEX- and the RTM process.

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