Architecture and Artwork

C.F. Maier Composites manufactures custom fiberglass antenna covers, decorative parts and components for use on playgrounds or in parks. We also work with designers to create unique and lasting pieces of artwork for any type of project.

Faux brick chimney
Faux brick wall panels inside a window well
Faux rock antenna cover
Silo cover
Regis University

Architectural Structures

We manufacture custom fiberglass stealth covers, which are used as cellular antenna covers and made to match existing structural design.

We design and produce concealment shrouds for antennas in urban or industrial areas, radomes and cylinders for cellular antennas, tower tops and covers of all kinds. Shape, surface, color and dimensions of the components are individually adapted to the site to allow for a faithful reproduction of bricks, natural stone, plastered facades, roof tiles, wood and other building materials.

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Insulated pump house made of FRP
Enclosure for pumps or other appliances

Pump or Service House Buildings

We offer composite buildings for pump stations and other applications. The enclosures are fully insulated for temperature and noise control and feature built-in fans for cooling and air movement. Of course, the housings can be further adapted to customer requirements.

3D stone artwork
Artwork at the Denver Convention Center
Artwork “Dual Meridian” by David Griggs
Light sculpture by David Griggs (Stockton, California)
Artwork by David Griggs in Aurora, Colorado


C.F. Maier Composites works with designers to create lasting pieces of artwork for any type of project.

Despite their high stability, glass-fiber reinforced plastics are relatively light, which is particularly advantageous for very large artworks. Compared with other materials, GRP creates additional freedom in terms of statics, allowing even more imposing constructions. Another advantage of GRP for creative applications is that even individual parts and small series can be offered at economical conditions.

Outdoor art installations are subject to the vagaries of the weather. They must therefore be very resistant in order to retain their original appearance in the long term. Fiberglass-reinforced plastics are exceptionally resistant to all kinds of damage, even when subjected to constant stress. Due to the nature of their surface, GRP art objects are particularly easy to clean.

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