Hand Lay-up Lamination

C.F. Maier processes fiber composite plastics using a variety of processes – including the hand lay-up lamination process.

Fiberglass mats are soaked in plastic resin and then milled by hand in several layers into a structural shape. This allows us to make prototypes and special products in small quantities.

In this handcrafted process, a negative mold is first coated with release wax. This is followed by the application of a surface gelcoat. The glass fiber mats to be inserted are impregnated with synthetic resin and then rolled into the mold by hand in several layers. Potential inclusions of air are pressed out of the laminate with the roller to ensure uniform quality of the molded part. After curing, the part can be removed from the mold.

Gelcoat is used to produce components with a finished surface. Sandwich parts can be inserted for stiffening.

We use cost-effective single-shell molds. These are manufactured in our in-house mold shop according to the C.F. Maier standard. This significantly increases process reliability. Post-processing steps such as CNC machining or painting round off our range of services.

We process both polyester resin and epoxy resin. Polyester resin is more cost-effective and is suitable for the requirements of most components, for example self-supporting structures and trim parts. If the specifications are more complex, epoxy resin is used.

Hand laminate is particularly suitable for prototypes and special productions in small quantities. However, the process is also suitable for higher quantities and special geometric requirements, for example for undercuts, as multi-part molds can be used.

We manufacture Class A quality trim parts for commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, caravans and more. In addition, the process is also suitable for particularly large-area parts: In this area, for example, we manufacture covers for sewage treatment plants and water basins.

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