Mayor Crespin visits C.F. Maier

C.F. Maier Composites, Inc. was proud to host a visit by City of Lamar Mayor Kirk Crespin and staff to learn more about its new products and expansion plans.

C.F. Maier Composites Chief Executive Officer Torsten Schlegel and Chief Operating Officer Axel Thurner invited Mayor Kirk Crespin, City Administrator Robert Evans and Communications & Marketing Coordinator Kendra King Hall to tour the Lamar facility and learn more about the company’s plans for the future. On the tour through the facility, Schlegal and Thurner provided detailed information concerning C.F. Maier’s processes and products. Schlegel explained the company’s expansion strategy and that Lamar will pivotal to its US operations. The company plans to expand the facility in Lamar in the next few years.

The company currently employs 60 people in Lamar and is searching for more. “Our strategy is growth in Lamar,” explained President Torsten Schlegel. “Lamar is becoming headquarters for our American operations. After 33 years of fiberglass design and manufacturing, all U.S. investments are focused on becoming an innovator for all kind of composite (fiberglass) products. In the past, C.F. Maier has been supplier for single parts to other manufacturers; now the company has started to produce finished products for end-users.”

As an example, C.F. Mayer launched a completely new product line for camper pop-top roofs in 2022, and the company formed a partnership with Campworks in 2023. The target was to produce off-road trailers for the camper market. Now in 2024, C.F. Maier acquired Packasport, a company known for its line of highly-rated rooftop cargo boxes, and transferred production to Lamar. C.F. Maier will continue to produce fiberglass cargo boxes under the Packasport brand. C.F. Maier made the acquisition due to the unique nature of the product and its niche in its market.

Axel Thurner remarked, “All these activities should give a boost for our Lamar location.” While Schlegal is a recent addition to Lamar, Thurner has been associated with the Colorado plant since his family moved to the United States and opened operations in 1990.

“Establishing new product lines and expanding the plant in Lamar should give a clear signal to our current and future employees that they have a secure job here,” added Schlegel. C.F. Maier wants to send a clear message that new employees are welcome now and into the future. It intends to increase its workforce by 25-30 employees.

The Mayor and City staff were impressed with the plant and pleased with C.F. Maier’s plans for growth in Lamar. They pledged to support the company’s growth and assist it with creative solutions in recruiting new employees. “We are honored that C.F. Maier has chosen to make Lamar its center of operations in the US,” commented Mayor Kirk Crespin, “the City of Lamar wants to assist C.F. Maier with its plans to expand its operations. Another stable, existing employer that is seeking additional workforce earning competitive wages will greatly benefit our community. We want to be an active partner in this effort.”

C.F. MaierComposites, Inc. is a family-owned business that specializes in the manufacturing of FRP (fiberglass-reinforced plastic) parts. CF Maier Composites is a member of the American Composites Manufacturing Association. It serves the automotive, RV, aquaculture and telecommunication industries, among others. The company has over 33 years of experience in fiberglass. It is a member of the C.F. Maier Group, a multi-national company with international headquarters in Königsbronn, Germany.

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